Diary of a Disorganised Mum

Becoming organised… slowly!

Half term chaos


So we are nearing the end of half term and it has been chaotic! Impromptu stays with family, day trips all over and a -newly- crawling baby means I’ve barely had time to think, let alone try and organise anything.

But, I have accomplished cleaning the dining room, tidied, dusted and hoovered means it looks sparkly and clean! Well it will do until DS2 has dinner and spreads food everywhere- baby led weaning has its perks, cleaning up the widespread food is NOT one of them.

The washing is up to date, floors were cleaned yesterday the beds are freshly laundered and the boys are happy playing, so I’ve achieved more than I thought!



Author: diaryofadisorganisedmum

I'm a mum to two gorgeous boys and I am as disorganised as one woman can be! I have a husband who has been suffering me for nearly 8 years. I WILL be organised!

2 thoughts on “Half term chaos

  1. Hi popped over from britmums…have joined you blog so look forward in reading your posts….
    wow…well done… I’m so behind..Lol still so much I need to do…let the chaos begin lol

  2. Hi There Welcome to blogging 🙂 i have popped over from Britmums to say hi and i am now following you xx

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