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Becoming organised… slowly!

A quick hello!

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Hello to all new followers and readers and a HUGE thank you, I hope I don’t disappoint!

As today is the penultimate day of half term (already?!) its been a day of haircuts and homework, with a sneaky trip to the local swimming pool as a treat. Littlest one enjoyed being in the water as much as the eldest did, especially when he realised he could drink the pool water- ick!

Once again, my lack of organisation shows, as we went into town and I had a -mental- list of things I needed to buy and I came away from town without anything I needed. I have lots of pretty notepads so I must remember to write things down and take it with me (another one of my failings!).

I am trying to get the evenings more streamlined by loading the dishwasher and cleaning the sides, but tonight I have yet to do it, so its probably a good time to give myself a kick and get it done! X


Author: diaryofadisorganisedmum

I'm a mum to two gorgeous boys and I am as disorganised as one woman can be! I have a husband who has been suffering me for nearly 8 years. I WILL be organised!

One thought on “A quick hello!

  1. Lol know what you mean xxx back to the chaos ….. Have a fab week

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