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How my son sees me- Meme


I was tagged by the lovely Karen at The Mums To Do List to get my eldest age 6 to do a picture of how he sees me.

He was very keen to draw the whole family as he sees us all as a unit- which is really sweet. So here it is:


From L-R: baby, eldest boy, me and daddy

We’re all smiling which is good, although my eyes are rather lopsided, but I love it.

I’ll pass the meme baton to:

Chai Tea Mum
GlitzyGleam and The Cycling Mummy

Have fun! X


Author: diaryofadisorganisedmum

I'm a mum to two gorgeous boys and I am as disorganised as one woman can be! I have a husband who has been suffering me for nearly 8 years. I WILL be organised!

2 thoughts on “How my son sees me- Meme

  1. aww lovely drawing, i just popped over from brit mums i didn’t realise you tagged me on the meme, ill do it tomorrow, i really thought i had already followed ur blog, just followed xx

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