Diary of a Disorganised Mum

Becoming organised… slowly!


How my son sees me- Meme

I was tagged by the lovely Karen at The Mums To Do List to get my eldest age 6 to do a picture of how he sees me.

He was very keen to draw the whole family as he sees us all as a unit- which is really sweet. So here it is:


From L-R: baby, eldest boy, me and daddy

We’re all smiling which is good, although my eyes are rather lopsided, but I love it.

I’ll pass the meme baton to:

Chai Tea Mum
GlitzyGleam and The Cycling Mummy

Have fun! X



That Sunday night feeling…

School bags packed, uniform laid out, lunch in the fridge , Dick Whittington costume sorted for assembly, I think we’re ready for the next six weeks of school. Although the half term went far too quickly, we had a great day, board games and toys, a thoroughly good day, and I’m organised too!

My boys!

As husband is off work until Friday I must make the most of the time I can do to declutter and get the house under control and start getting organised once and for all famous last words I found a great post on Mumsnet and its revolutionary! It has so many ideas Im inspired to sort life out right this second. But for now I shall make do with putting all important events on my phone calendar. Baby steps!

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A quick hello!

Hello to all new followers and readers and a HUGE thank you, I hope I don’t disappoint!

As today is the penultimate day of half term (already?!) its been a day of haircuts and homework, with a sneaky trip to the local swimming pool as a treat. Littlest one enjoyed being in the water as much as the eldest did, especially when he realised he could drink the pool water- ick!

Once again, my lack of organisation shows, as we went into town and I had a -mental- list of things I needed to buy and I came away from town without anything I needed. I have lots of pretty notepads so I must remember to write things down and take it with me (another one of my failings!).

I am trying to get the evenings more streamlined by loading the dishwasher and cleaning the sides, but tonight I have yet to do it, so its probably a good time to give myself a kick and get it done! X


Half term chaos

So we are nearing the end of half term and it has been chaotic! Impromptu stays with family, day trips all over and a -newly- crawling baby means I’ve barely had time to think, let alone try and organise anything.

But, I have accomplished cleaning the dining room, tidied, dusted and hoovered means it looks sparkly and clean! Well it will do until DS2 has dinner and spreads food everywhere- baby led weaning has its perks, cleaning up the widespread food is NOT one of them.

The washing is up to date, floors were cleaned yesterday the beds are freshly laundered and the boys are happy playing, so I’ve achieved more than I thought!



The best laid plans…

never happen it seems! Its the half term holidays have further entrenched the procrastinator in me; trips out and birthday parties -which I was suprisingly organised for!- have really made me lose any push I had for starting the reorganisation! I will tidy the papers on the coffee table tonight… the baby keeps eating them.¬†


What are your top tips for organising your life?